Face Reading... Read your Future & Reach your Potential ..!

Face Reading... Read your Future & Reach your Potential ..!
Rs. 1,999



  • Get your BOOK of FACE read by the TALENTED MASTER FACE READER in Sri Lanka! 


The top secret to understand your true potential and what your face foretells about your future.


  • Also the best way to learn about the people around you.


  • For the First time ever in Sri Lanka...!


Get your Face read and also to Learn the unique art to know about anybody instantly with just a glimpse of his/her face. Learn Psychology-based FACE READING and PHYSIOGNOMY from the only Master Face Reader in Sri Lanka. Special introductory offer available. Only limited seats. Contact now for s​​​​​​pecial DISCOUNTS and early bird offer in TRAINING SESSIONS.!


Your FACE is a MIRROR to your LIFE !!!


Reading your face is like reading your biography !


* Get your face read by an experienced master face reader.
* Get solutions for your problems, with psychological and philosophical guidance
* Highly accurate readings for a very affordable lowest price ever !
* Why waiting...experiment it now and get surprised !
* Let your face expose your life story !
* Very simple and easy... contact us, get an appointment and get your face read immediately.


  • Both face to face service and online reading service provided.



* General Face Reading - (Covers ur qualities, personality, relationships, risks in life, future, health etc. which are very prominent and evident from ur face)


* Specialized Face reading:

- With special psychological guidance

- Special areas of concern:


 - Personal traits
 - Qualities and Behaviour 
 - Future
 - Relationships
 - Love and marriage 
 - Career guidance 
 - Age of marriage 
 - Health risks
 - Financial side


 ...with special guidance to improve your life and to overcome any problems diagnosed through the reading of your face..!!!




  •  Get in touch to touch your future !


  •  If you’re somewhere around Kurunagala or Negombo, let's meet up!


  •  If you're from far away, then let's go online...


 - contact us
 - get an online appointment 
 - share your photos online (100% confidentiality ensured)
 - get the reading immediately..! 


Name Privini SANDANAYAKE , Sri Lanka
Telephone No +94775510937

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