About Avasta Resort and Spa

Taking you back to the traditions, beliefs and the pure essences of Sri Lankan hospitality, Avasta welcomes you to a relaxing stay. Immerse yourself in the warmth of sunshine, the softness breeze and a sense of cultural heritage of the ancient Sri Lankan capital.

Avasta is not just a place to stay but a place to relax, learn and experience the splendors of nature and culture which will add so much more to your travel diary. Enjoy the specially cooked meals just the way our ancestors did and some villagers still do which will indulge your taste buds and make you want to come back for more.

Our chalets and guest rooms are custom designed with hardwood floors and high roofs to add an extra touch of comfort to your stay, together with the modern amenities at your fingertips. Comprising of all modern luxuries and features of gym, spa and swimming pool Avasta still manages to give you the unspoiled touch of nature and culture everywhere you go.

With close proximity to Anuradhapura town, rail way station and in walking distance to all the famous monuments and places of worship of the cultural triangle, Avasta is truly a place that will save you memories for a lifetime

Business Details

Business Location 92, Niwaththakachethiya Road,
Colombo 1,
Sri Lanka
Telephone +94252227777