Candela Learning Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

No. 77, Nungamugoda Road

Candela is the first and unique software of international caliber which has transcended all the contemporary electronic learning mechanisms utilized in Sri Lanka.

In 2011, the founding vision of Candela Learning Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was to lead the local education to international excellence through quality developments in education.

As per that vision, our mission is to create a distinct education methodology through local education and according to international trends while safeguarding the quality of education through new technological innovations and by maintaining the identity of the Sri Lankan education. 

In order to achieve this aim, our intitution has taken initial measures to produce the Candela educational software for Science from grades 6 to 11 by studying the syllabi and teacher guides while conforming to the government educational policies. This software provides the opportunity for students to learn the subject effortlessly, recall subject related facts and evaluate learning. 

Moreover, the Candela educational software was awarded the E-Swabhimani Gold award and NBQSA Gold award to commend the service it has rendered to the education system in Sri Lanka while complying with our mission and vision.