About Ceylon Wild Safaris Yala

“We, the guardians and interpreters of the wonders of the wild have a mission to educate and to conserve the industry that allows us to fulfill our passions.”

Ceylon Wild Safaris, based in the wilderness areas of the buffer-zone jungles of Yala National park, is a homely tented camp with a mission in the world of wildlife conservation. Our team, comprised of passionate, ethical and professional game rangers aim to merge sustainable and experiential wildlife tourism with active and on-ongoing conservation efforts.

Collectively, our team has invaluable experience on all fronts of the industry including professional guiding and hosting; wildlife research and conservation; spanning from Africa to Sri Lanka as well as from the mountain wet zone forests to the low coastal dry zone jungles.

Our Camp

The CWS camp is located by the Kotchipathana “wewa”, nestled in the wilderness of the buffer-zone jungles of Yala where our guests have the opportunity to witness both fascinating nature and traditional culture of the local community. The camp is only 25 minutes away by jeep to the more secluded and less commercial Katagamuwa entrance of Yala block 1, and 45 minutes away from the much less utilized but wildlife-rich blocks 5 and 3.

To get there, our guides will drive you through the ancient city of Katharagama while giving you a detailed account of the history of the ancient Kingdom of Ruhuna, and how the ancient kings were bound to the 2300-year-old history of Yala.

Business Details

Business Location 405/14, Samanpura, Kottawa,
Sri Lanka
Telephone +94777998689