About Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Cinnamon Bey Beruwela is a luxurious state of the art getaway, placing the grandeur of a city hotel one hour away from Colombo on the Beach.


The area south of the old historic settlement of Beruwala has been a centre of tourism from the very inception of Sri Lankan tourism. The stretch of beach from Beruwala all the way to the Bentota River has been known as the Golden Mile of tourism in Sri Lanka.

Visitors will be welcomed by a sprawling tropical Asian paradise fronted by a broad golden beach and surprised by the calming influence of the lagoon. As with all Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts Cinnamon Bey too will pay tribute to its location, and give guests the opportunity to experience what is unique about Beruwala. The history of Beruwala dates back to the 10th century when the first permanent Arab settlements in Sri Lanka were noted to have been there, and it is this Turkish architecture that has been the inspiration of this resort that occupies the land of two older hotels that were demolished. Cinnamon Bey is named with reference to this history and is the term used to address provincial nobleman of the Turkish Empire. The unique location of the resort gives it the possession of having both the bay and the beach as its view.

Business Details

Business Location Moragolla,
Sri Lanka
Telephone +94 34 2 297000