Cognitri Consultancy

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Cognitri Consultancy is an independent consulting firm in Sri Lanka, which is also committed to equipping micro, small and medium-sized entities to build a sustainable future by providing consulting services, Human Resource training sessions, Headhunting, Website Development as well as managing e-business platforms.

Who we are

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the HR consulting service providers with highly qualified young professionals with working experience and exposure from different industries.

In a dynamic market, we set high standards, are committed to excel and strive to achieve the best price-performance ratio for our clients. This is a core value of Cognitri Consultancy, and one we are proud to be known for.

Our actions are guided by our other core values of Integrity, Excellence, Professionalism, Teamwork, Accountability as well as Openness and Cooperation.


Revival, our expertise.

What we do

  1. Consultancy Services

    Business consulting services for the startups and small scale businesses, covering strategy development, marketing, managing finance and operational guidance.

  2. Training Programs and Workshops

    Our training programs and workshops are delivered based on international best practice and concepts. The general programs we conduct are :

    1. Leadership

      Leadership training program is designed in a way to focus and enhance the leadership skills and capabilities of the employees.

    2. Motivation and Teamwork

      Motivation of employees is highly important for the success of the companies since only when the employees are motivated can they give their best. This program will also focus on the key aspects of working as team.

    3. Client Handling

      The program of Client Handling is focused on explaining and training the employees on handling the clients with relative role play sessions.

    4. Women Excellence and Empowerment

      Women Excellence and Empowerment is an exclusive program which focuses on motivating the working women force whilst guiding them with the basic principles of overcoming obstacles.

    We demonstrate our commitments to the client through tailored training for each entity.

  3. Headhunting

    We are specialized in finding the right person for you, when you find that the timing and your recruitment needs match in terms of company strategy. A talent is only valuable to your organization when he/she matches the job requirements on personal and professional qualifications, but it is also important that the job will motivate, challenge and develop the talent and make the candidate perform at his/her best.

  4. Social Media Handling

    Our service of handling Social Media platforms is mainly focused on e-Transformation as online presence has become inevitable for any given business. We endeavor to work with start-up, transforming, growing and established entities in digital marketing strategy implementation, strengthening online systems and processes and building capacity and competencies.


    Lead Generation: The service of lead generation is also provided under the Social Media Handling of businesses, but as a separate service. We usually design and run a customized marketing campaign for our clients which will be driven to reach the genuine and relevant potential customers for the respective business whilst brining on opportunities to the clients to make profit.

  5. Website Design and Development

    We are offering best standard of website design and development services to our clients. Our web design and development team not only develops creative website with full of functionalities. We are committed to design and develop a professional and technically sound website for end users. We are offering the service of developing existing websites up to the industry expectations by taking all relevant industry factors into consideration.