About Elyon Colombo Hotel

Elyon Colombo hotel is the latest addition to the hotel industry of Sri Lanka . It comes with a unique set of features, differentiating from the rest of the hotels found in the metropolitan.

The Hotel stands at a prime location in Colombo, just within the reach of the Bandaranaike International Airport and the Colombo City. Our focus is to provide the ideal hotel and accommodation set up for investors, consultants and other professionals coming to Colombo. Having situated within the Orion city business hub. The hotel is equipped with all amenities and facilities required mainly by the business traveler.

However, it is not limited to such professionals but can be enjoyed by anyone who needs to spend some time away from home.

Hassle free arrival and departure assured, from Katunayake airport expressway. This unique comfort coupled with the great food and drinks in the restaurant and bar, makes the hotel an ideal place for the business traveler to relax away in pure serenity.

State of the art Meeting room facilities are available for all types of businessmen, professionals and investors coming to the city. Our location & the services are the unique figures for which we are proud of.