About Fior Drissage Jewellers Ltd

Fior Drissage Jewellers Limited (FDJL), one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Clear Set Diamond jewellery, popularly known as “Floating Diamonds Jewellery” is a renowned Jeweller established under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka, and a registered company
under the Registrar of Companies of Sri Lanka.

The registered office and factory is located in the close vicinity of the Bandaranayeka international airport and the Board of Investment processing zone in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. FDJL is a specialist manufacture of Gold jewellery studded with diamonds & precious gem stones using the revolutionary “Clear Set Diamond” Process, which is also known as “Invisible settling”. This setting process does not require the use of any metal to hold the Gems or Diamonds.

Therefore, the Diamonds or any Coloured Gem Stones are held free of any of the traditional holding materials and the result is the
Diamonds and Gem Stones are totally exposed to light resulting maximum brilliance, luster & fire of diamonds & gems. Further,
you may witness dynamic interplay of light as never seen before.

The “Clear Set Diamond” Diamond Jewellery has excited the Jewellery Industry the world over.The holding substance used is a high percentage of clear carbon which is hard, ware resistance an easy to maintain.

Business Details

Business Location 42D, Colombo Road, Liyanagemulla,
Sri Lanka
Telephone +94112251670