About Pencil Works (Pvt) Ltd

Pencil Works

Pencil Works is the Marketing arm of the Pencil Works family.

As a Marketing Services Provider we become responsible for relating our client’s story to their audience. A great marketer like Pencil Works takes ownership to relate our client-stories to always take them ahead of their race, increase their reach and launch the beginning of greater things for them!

From the get go to the grand finale Team Pencil Works, is dedicated to work day in and out, around the clock, for we are built with a group of unyielding hearts who are determined to deliver what we promised our clients. We refuse to give up in adversity and perform better when given challenges. 

We at Pencil Works, relate our story through our happy client stories, for our success depends on the success of our clients. We work until we are happy with what we have done; we rest when our clients are happy with what we have done. Everytime our clients give us the thumbs up, we reach a milestone. 

For us there are no boundaries, no limits when it comes to ensuring “We communicate your message right”. 


Pencil Events

Pencil Events is the Event Production arm of the Pencil Works Family.

Our goal when producing and managing an event is to always give back to the people, not necessarily something they can take in their hand but something they can take in their heart.
When a client entrusts us with their event, our team of professionals dedicate themselves to visualize our client’s imagination, hear their voice, share their vision and feel the need to deliver in their bones if not the same, something even bigger and better.

Our goal is to deliver quality events that we believe in, events that make us proud to look back to that have our clients giving us the thumbs up. Team Pencil Events is limitless and timeless always looking for opportunities to challenge the status quo and create something different.
For us at Pencil Events, our growth and success depend on the success and satisfaction of our loyal clients. As an organization aspiring to inculcate a positive brand image, we believe Pencil Events’ capacity and potential is reflected via the events we organize , therefore we take each event we get seriously and give our 100% every time at all times.

Business Details

Business Location No 2A/2/2, Peiris Road, Kalubowila,
Sri Lanka
Telephone 0772763889