Our Star Class production house and mobile Kitchen offers you Fresh or Frozen Italian Foods as well as an International A'la Carte Menu delivered to your door step The careful food product selection and production process allows us to offer the Ho.Re.Ca., Wholesale , Retail and the International market customers World's most prestigious food products, all supplied with our certificate of quality and origin. "Ammirato" products are pure expression of their regional nature and they all reflect the expectations of authenticity and accessibility of markets to which they are offered.

"" is our newest Venture in Sri Lanka!

  • A Star Class production House producing VIP Cuisine, from Italian Foods to International A' la Carte Menu hygenically produced by our Executive Chef free of atificial coloring, flavoring or additives for healthy living!
  • Our fully equipped Mobile Production Kitchen which is capable of handling live cooking such as Fresh Pizza, Pasta, beked or barbecued menus at a venue of your choice, be it your residence, Housing Complex, Apartment/Condomenium, institute or your office.


"Ammirato" has it's own standards and quality tests which are carried out regularly with the assistance from government and private institutions and each order is individually attended according to the standard regualtions by our Team of experts.

Eg. We have taken maximum precautions and protection during the Covid 19 pandemic to ensure Safety and comfort of our Customers. This includes the protective gear warn by our staff, regular sterilization of production facility, Mobile kitchen, equipment, purchase etc.

Dr. Claudio Ammirato the Chairman and Kanishka Adrian Perera the Managing Director of the company who has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the Food & Beverage industry provide the necassary expertise and guidance to our team.

Our e-commerce platform is our online store which you can order/purchase our products.

Currently we are partnered with appiGo, Uber Eats and and you could use their platforms for your online purchases as well.