About Pradeep Tours

I have fully qualified in tour guide,surfing activities and as a lecturer for the entire nation and has been worked as a guide and driver for the last 10 years.
In addition to my qualifications i have depth knowledge of my mother Sri Lanka and I have an ever expanding network of restaurants, hotels, guides and other people working in the tourist industry. 
so I always cater customers needs, We offer global standard inbound tours in Sri Lanka. 
We can offer private tours, business tours, study tours and special interest tours for families, corporate, university and other organizations. 
We aim to optimize all details of our service to offer our clients a memorable and enjoyable experience in Sri Lanka. 
We strive to offer the most competitive rates and best deals on holiday packages all year round. 
Our qualified and experienced team fully understand the needs of our customers. So let our experienced travel consultants assist you with your travel plans Delighted Customers , Extended Support,Feel Reference of Your Holiday
for more information please contact Our Team us.