Our story isn’t that of a typical tech start-up or an online grocery store, it’s both! Curfew/lockdown last year was difficult for many of us. Although many vendors started to sell their goods online, there were inherent issues with technology, infrastructure, quality of products, and regular supply. It was also a challenging time for small restaurants and artisan businesses, badly affected by the closures, reduced traffic and zero tourists. PROVIDORE was created to address both – marrying technology and the desire to sell select quality products. The founders of PROVIDORE come from diverse industry backgrounds, merging IT & technology with retail experience. The solution was to create a two-pronged business – a technology company that delivered unparalleled customer experience and online retail functionality; and a retail arm that worked with selected suppliers and sourced only the best quality products. After months of researching the models of the best global online platforms and how they geared themselves to optimise their operations and service levels, we partnered with leading software & technology providers from Sri Lanka and the USA to develop a custom-built platform to address the challenges being faced by the online retail consumer. The retail side of the business relates to the products we source and sell. Our Purchasing and Supplier Team was set up with one mandate–to identify products and sources from suppliers that meet our quality demand and customer expectations. Even our fruits and vegetables are ordered daily, getting from farm to you in 24 hours. Having our own warehouse and delivery fleet, we ensure products are received, stored, processed and delivered as per our highest of service standards. Our Service Promise is simple – variety & availability, quality of goods and delivery at your convenience. Our team is here to serve you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We hope you enjoy the PROVIDORE experience and service.