About Royal Nursing Home(pvt)ltd

Royal Nursing Home Offers High Quality Senior Citizens Care Services in Non Institutional Family like Environment this Home is Successful in Meeting the Personal & Emotional Care Needs of Residents to Give them Support in their Daily Activities. People Enter Nursing Homes for a Variety of Reasons. Some may Enter for a Brief Time when they Leave the Hospital Because they Need Sub-Acute Care, Such as Skilled Nursing Care, Medical Services, & Therapies. Others, However, Need Long-Term Care (LTC). LTC is Generally Defined as a Broad Range of Personal, Social, & Medical Services that Assist People who Have Functional or Cognitive limitations in their Ability to Perform Self-Care & other Activities Necessary to Live Independently. With Changing Life Styles & Busy Time Schedules Increasing Numbers of Families are Concerned of their inability to Provide Proper Care for their Elderly Parents. Residents would be Long Term, Accommodation is Limited for a Selected Community of People - the Criteria Being, those who would Benefit from the Facilities Offered & who Appreciate the Natural Environment.

Business Details

Business Location 35 Dewananda Road Nawinna Maharagama,
Sri Lanka
Telephone 0112804040