Teesir Custom Merch Sri Lanka

30, Niyadagala, Pannipitiya

Teesir is a creative platform for corporates and influencers to crowdsource, raise funds and market brand awareness by selling merchandise. We work to help bring imagination from the programming of the platform to marketing and service to a finished product of the highest quality.

We love the feeling when we see someone wearing one of our custom t-shirts in public. Since customers are much smarter these days. You’re savvy. You don’t want to be told what to wear. You’ve got ideas of your own. Good ones. And that, my friend, is precisely where we come in.

We have created our own lane in the market by doing things our way. The Teesir brand spirit is that of the people who fight for their dreams, no matter what they are, starting from scratch, with no help, going against the current and with the only purpose of being themselves.

We at Teesir strive hard to make custom merch easily accessible to everyone in Sri Lanka.