Focusing on all things local, Who We Are was initiated by the Otara Foundation to celebrate Sri Lankan design, skill and innovation. We aim to provide small businesses with a platform to showcase their products, creating retail opportunities within Sri Lanka and internationally, in turn supporting many talented creators and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.
Our online marketplace will host a diverse range of products, featuring crafted items from traditional trades that seemed to have been lost in the modern world but have been kept alive by our vendors and their families. We are committed to empowering our creators so that living standards improve for them, their families, and their communities
Who We Are supports an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, which is why all products we showcase are made from ethically sourced local products that are both sustainable and cruelty-free. We provide a means for customers to live the ‘Sri Lankan’ way – by shopping with intent and choosing environmentally conscious products. Through this initiative, our hope is to build a strong foundation for many communities and nudge Sri Lanka towards a greener, more sustainable future that supports holistic economic growth.

Our Values:
1. We are kind and compassionate
2. We support our local community
3. We are ethical
4. We protect our environment
5. We are cruelty free
6. We celebrate our beautiful culture
7. We elevate local talent and small businesses
8. We empower women
9. We are made in Sri Lanka